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FT 42 Day Transformation Challenge 2.0

Fitness Together Jenks/Riverside and Downtown Tulsa


The FT 42-Day Body Transformation Challenge 2.0 runs from July 15th to August 24th All transformations must start before July 15th and finish before August 24th, 2013.


Each Entrant Has 6 weeks (42 days) to Complete Their Body Transformation. Transformations Programs will include 2-4 workouts per week, nutrition coaching, 72 hour detox jump start, supplement guides, grocery store tours, unlimited online coaching, and much more.

This is the COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM to get you amazing results!


1)   To enter contest:

– You must attend workouts at FT Jenks/Riverside or FT Downtown for all 6 weeks to achieve results.

– You must provide “BEFORE and AFTER” photos via email

–       All entries “BEFORE” photos MUST BE RECEIVED before Midnight, EST, July 15th, 2013

–       All entries “AFTER” photos MUST BE RECEIVED before Midnight, EST, August24, 2012.


2)   You must take “BEFORE” photos between July 7th – July 15th and “AFTER” photos on Day 42, August 24th.

All Photos MUST Include Your Face and a Newspaper From the Current Date in Order for Your Transformation to be Entered Into The Contest. There Are NO Exceptions.


3)   Photos can be sent by email at =>



–       It is REQUIRED that your photo include the following

–       MEN = SHORTS and NO SHIRT and NEWSPAPER (July 7-15, 2013)

–       WOMEN = SHORTS or SPANDEX SHORTS and a SPORTS BRA or a BIKINI type outfit

–       The more apparent your transformation from your “BEFORE” photos to your “AFTER” photos the better your chance of winning the contest

–       NOTE: Recording your photos, workouts, and nutrition on a weekly basis will DRAMATICALLY INCREASE your chances of losing body fat.


4)   In addition to providing Before & After photos, each contestant must write a 300 word essay on their before and after success story. This can be sent by email. BUT MUST BE SUBMITTED UPON COMPLETION OF THE 42-DAYS!


5)   The 42-Day Body Transformation Challenge will be judged by a panel of Fitness Together  staff, including but not restricted to: Michael Watkins, Mikah Watkins, Keith Jacobs, Mike Doolittle, Steven Morales, Michael Saveth, Shawna Stewart, and Jamie Booker

By entering this Contest, each winner of a contest prize consents to the use of his/her name, and/or photograph in any publicity carried out by the Contest Sponsor and its advertising and promotional agencies without further notice or compensation.


6)   Prizes are as follows:


1st Place Grand Prize – $984.91 in VALUE!

American Express Gift Card – $200
IPAD mini- $329
Jungle Gym XT Suspension Trainer – $99.95
Prograde Nutrition Superhero Package – $155.96

Professional “AFTER” photo shoot – $200


2nd Place – $539.90 in VALUE!

American Express Gift Card – $100
Jungle Gym XT Suspension Trainer – $99.95
Prograde Nutrition Ultimate Workout Package – 139.95

Professional “AFTER” photo shoot- $200


3rd Place – $334.95

American Express Gift Card – $50
Prograde Nutrition Platinum Package – $84.95

Professional “AFTER” photo shoot – $200


Bonus Prize #1 (BEST VIDEO TESTIMONIAL) – American Express Gift Card – $100

(The bonus prize is for the person who creates the best video testimonial for before and after your transformation)


Bonus Prize #2 (BEST VIDEO DOCUMENTARY) – American Express Gift Card – $100

(The bonus prize is for the person who creates the best video documentary of their 42-day Transformation)




Send entry forms and photos by email to:



7) The Contest Sponsor’s rulings are final and without appeal in all matters related to this Contest and the awarding of the prizes. The contest is subject to all applicable federal and state laws and regulations.

All entries become the property of the Contest Sponsor and will not be returned.

Contest Sponsor, its advertising and promotion agencies assume no responsibility for lost, stolen, delayed, damaged, illegible, incomplete, postage-due, garbled or misdirected entries or entries that have been submitted through illicit means, or do not conform to or satisfy the Contest Rules or for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer on-line systems, servers, access providers, computer equipment, software, failure of any entry to be received or traffic congestion on the internet or at any website, or any combination thereof including any injury or damage to an entrant’s or any other person’s computer related to or resulting from playing or downloading any material in the contest.

The Contest Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, cancel or suspend this Contest should an external circumstances arise which are beyond the reasonable control of the Contest Sponsor. The Contest Sponsor is not responsible for any errors or omissions in printing or advertising this Contest.

The Contest Sponsor collects your personal information for the purposes of registration, program evaluation and to keep you informed about The Challenge. The Contest Sponsor may, if consent was given during registration, also contact you from time to time with information about other ways you can lose weight.

The Contest Sponsor will not share any personal data about entrants with any other party. The personal data collected for this Contest will not be used for any other purposes unless entrants provide explicit permission as indicated on the entry form.

By entering this Contest, entrants agree to release and hold harmless the Contest Sponsor and their respective employees, officers, directors, agents, representatives, successors, assigns, advertising and promotional agencies from any liability for any loss or damage of any kind to the entrant or any other person in connection with this Contest or participation in any Contest related activities, including but not limited the taking of a urine test or, if declared a winner, the use or misuse of a prize or any portion of a prize including personal injury, death or property damage.

This Contest will run in accordance with these Contest Rules, subject to amendment by the Contest Sponsor. Contest Sponsor reserves the right to cancel, amend, modify or terminate this Contest or the Rules at any time in its sole discretion and without notice.

Entrants must comply with these rules, and will be deemed to have received and understood the rules if they participate in the Contest.

FT Outlaw: Thurs June 20th

Play along at home!



Warm Up: 10 min row (easy)


6 sets of 30 sec work vs 30 sec active rest 

Repeat for 3 total sets, resting 4 min between bouts.

NOTE: Work Sets – rowing at ~1:40/500 m pace


Cool Down: 10 min row (easy)


If you don’t have access to a rowing machine, you can substitute with sprints/walking, or on a bike, etc.

Top 10 Body Weight Exercises of ALL TIME!

I was asked the question the other day, “Which do you prefer, training with weights or body weight training?”

Well… BOTH! I feel a “complete” program needs a variety of both forms of exercises. Plus, I really feel most who go at it alone tend to rely too much on free weights and machines and neglect just how much of a good thing body weight training is!

For one, if you don’t do it normally… IT’S HARD! And two, you can piece together some fantastic metabolic resistance training (MRT) sessions just using your body as resistance.

Check this video out for some amazing examples of body weight training:


SO… with all that, here’s a list of my “Top 10 Body Weight Exercises of ALL TIME!”

1. Push Ups (and all it’s variations)

2. Pull Ups: probably the best pure strength exercise out there in my opinion

3. Squats (not good enough, add a jump at the top of the movement!)

4. Mountain Climbers: These bad boys are great for core strengthening and conditioning!

5. Reverse Step Lunges: I prefer these over the normal forward lunges simply because they seem to put less stress on your knees.

6. Single Leg King Deadlifts: These hit your core, balance and endurance all in one movement!

7. Plank (and all it’s variations… if you can’t find one tough enough for you, add a weighted vest!)

8. Box Jumps or Step Ups: great fat burner and will help you get some diamond cut calves and a rock hard booty!

9. BURPEES!.. ‘Nuff said!

10. Sprints! My favorite all around, fat shredding exercise of all time!!!

Combine multiple variations of any of these exercises and you’re assured to shed some fat in no time!


True Success


True Success

By Michael Watkins


Hey guys this is Michael with Fitness Together and I hope you’re having a great summer so far… I know I am! My family and I have already hit up multiple Tulsa Driller games, gone to pool in our neighborhood and are looking forward to celebrating a few future weekends at Lake Eufaula.


So before I get started into this month’s article I thought I’d remind you to remember to not spend all your time make a living that you forget to make a life! I know with my crazy schedule and all the clients we work with at FT, that I can sometimes put the most important people and things on the back burner so I challenge you to make sure you take time to experience life and make this summer EPIC and one to remember.

Now… onto what I want to discuss this month!


It’s been a while since I talked about mindset, and I was reminded of this
by some new people that came in to try-out FT last week

These were all first-timers that told me after their free session that “now is not a good time” to start working out?

They all had lame excuses, like:

– “I need to sell my car first because I can not afford to workout because my SUV is really big and the insurance is expensive” (I couldn’t believe this when I heard it)

– “I need to lose weight before I start working out”

– “I don’t have time to workout because I have a job”

– “I like your shoes” (if you don’t know me, I have quite an eclectic collection of running shoes in a vast variety of colors and designs!)

Now granted these are people from outside of my client family, and they may not have been looking to workout soon anyway..(and it takes a lot of strength to start)

… but their lacklusterness (new word) inspired me to write this article.

I told them that “You’ll never HAVE time to workout, you MAKE time”

But that didn’t seem to change anything! They had already predetermined that they did not have the time, or whatever, to get in shape!

That’s when I realized that these people need to change themselves, and their way of thinking – before anything else changes.

To quote my all-time favorite speaker, Jim Rohn: “For things to change, you have to change”

Or, “For things to get better, you have to get better”

Or, “Success is something you attract by the person you become”

And more and more I’m trying to have that be the centerpiece of my ‘training philosophy’ – if you will change, everything will change for you

If you do NOT change, then the next 5 years will pretty much be the same as the last 5 years.

However if you learn from the last 5 years, the next 5 years can be infinitely better.

All you need is some little, simple, beginner changes.

Nothing great was ever built overnight, so if you focus on good habits, then the
compound effect will put you where you want to be

Jim Rohn also says: “Success is the steady progress toward predetermined goals”

This is huge, because most people think ‘success’ is what happens when you actually reach something.


But it’s not a stereotype, like “you’re only successful when you have a 6-pack or look like a fitness model.”

To me, if someone does what they say they’ll do, then they’re a success.

Therefore, success has nothing to do with how you look or what you have, it has everything to do with following up on your goals.

So if John is a millionaire who wants to sell it all and live on the country to go fishing all day, he is a total success if he does it.

Same goes for single-mom-with-3-kids-Maria who wants to fight off diabetes and lose 10 lbs to go from 200 lbs to 190 lbs. If she follows through, then she’s a bigger success than any size-zero-chick who doesn’t workout at all in my book!

What I’m trying to say here is that as long as you are enjoying your process of going after your goals, you’re successful to me.

Look at your own desires, your own possibilities, and then stretch yourself to achieve them. Get out of the box you may be living in and start realizing your true potential… the rest will take care of itself.

Remember that.

Outlaw WOD: Tues, June 11, 2013

Fieock Sled Sprint presents: FT Outlaw, our all new, super high intensity, invite only group training program!

Check here to find daily programming and motivational support for this program. Follow along at home, or come join our new group!


Strength: 5 x 5 BB Bench + Pullups x submax

MetCon: 21-15-9 for time of: BB Hang Cleans (135/95) + GHD Sit Ups


comment below with results!

Outlaw WOD

Cahill OH Squat presents: FT Outlaw, our all new, super high intensity, invite only group training program!

Check here to find daily programming and motivational support for this program. Follow along at home, or come join our new group!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Skill: Hand Stand Pushup Progressions: Palms Band Up Pull Apart, Band Shoulder Dislocations, HSPU Holds, wall walks


WOD: Front Squat: 3-3-3-3RM-3-3

Note: work up to your 3 rep max by set #3, then do two back off sets to finish up. It could look like this 60% – 70% – 80% -3RM – 80% – 70%


Metcon: 5 rounds (for time): 7x double KB cleans + 5x double KB push press + 3 x Double KB Thruster + 30 yard sprints


– Comment below with your loads and time.

Workout for MOORE!!! Help Us Raise $5000


Immediate Release: Date: June 7th, 2013


Contact: Michael Watkins


For Additional Questions or To Schedule An Interview

Contact: – (918) 630-6311

Monday Morning Workouts to Benefit Tornado Relief Efforts

Local Fitness Together Hosts Free Workouts to Benefit Areas Affected by Tornadoes

Tulsa, OK. June 7th, 2013 – As part of the grand opening celebration, Michael Watkins (owner) and his team have decided to put their energy and training expertise into raising funds for the Oklahoma Tornado Relief Efforts all the while energizing downtown Tulsa in the process. Inspired by the success and the response they received at the 4th of July fundraiser they held for the Wounded Warriors at their south Tulsa location last year, he and his team have decided to tie in this fundraiser into the grand opening celebrations for their second location at 6th and Boston.


Beginning June 10th, Fitness Together Downtown will be hosting outdoor workouts every Monday morning at 7 am in Centennial Greens at 6th and Boston in downtown. While these Monday Morning Mojo Workouts for Moore are “free,” Watkins and the FT Team encourage participants to bring a minimum of $5 donations to directly benefit the relief

efforts in central Oklahoma. Furthermore, for every new member that decides to join their new gym, Michael and the Fitness Together team are pledging to donate $50 to the Tornado Relief Efforts. “To get kick start this program we are asking every participant in our workouts to donate at least $5 and we’ll match the grand total raised.”


Watkins goes on to say that the Monday Morning Mojo Workouts for Moore will be fun, challenging and will not only go to the direct aid of fellow Oklahomans but will also be designed to help downtown Tulsans start their weeks off right and get re-energized before embarking on a fresh week of working.


“There’s nothing like starting off your week with a great workout with friends! Especially on Mondays! It gets your blood pumping and really gives you a great kick start to your week’” says Watkins, “We’ve designed these workouts to fit any fitness level from beginner to advanced athlete so all are welcomed and appreciated in our fund raising efforts!”


To be a part of the Monday Morning MOJO for Moore workouts, participants need only to show up this Monday morning at 6:50 AM at Centennial Greens at 6th and Boston in the heart of downtown Tulsa. For further information or questions please call Michael Watkins at 918-630-6311.




Monday Morning MOJO Quick Facts:

  • Fitness Together is a Denver-based franchise, which is locally owned by Michael & Mikah Watkins.
  • The downtown Tulsa location will be located at 616 South Boston, Tulsa, OK 74119.
  • Official downtown Fitness Together website is:
  • To contact Fitness Together please dial 918-630-6311


Fundraiser Facts:

  • Monday Morning Mojo for Moore Workouts will begin Monday, June 10th at 7 AM and run weekly through the summer 2013 in downtown Tulsa’s Centennial Greens at 6th and Boston
  • Participants are asked to bring a $5 donation to directly benefit the tornado relief efforts of Central Oklahoma
  • Fitness Together will then match the grand total donations from this event.