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Mikah’s Kitchen: Southern Style Carb Cycle!

Mikah’s Kitchen: Southern Style Carb Cycle!

mikah and kiddos







Ok- for all of you Carb-Cyclers out there,this is our menu for the week!! We have had many clients see GREAT results from this type of eating pattern, so I am excited to try it out for myself. I am always one to eat healthy or clean but this is my first time to follow a carb-cycle program, so here it goes!
MONDAY: Chicken Taco Salad (low),,20780484_9,00.html

TUESDAY: Balsamic Beef and Sweet Potato Mash (high)

WEDNESDAY: Avocado Artichoke Pesto stuffed Chicken (low)


FRIDAY: Chicken tostada with avocados (low)SATURDAY: REWARD MEAL 🙂

SUNDAY: Chicken Marinara Pasta (high)

Mikah’s Kitchen: St. Paddy’s Week!

mikah and kiddos

Happy St. Patty’s week everyone! In honor of the ‘green’ holiday, I chose 5 recipes that showcase, delicious green herbs!

Sunday- Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla soup served with corn tortilla strips, cilantro and lime

Monday- Grilled Salmon with Dill-Horseradish Greek yogurt served with baked broccoli

Tuesday- Cilantro Lime Chicken over brown rice with avocado

Wednesday- Left overs

Thursday- Lettuce Wrap Turkey burgers and salad

Friday- BBQ Grilled Chicken and quinoa salad

Saturday- Out to eat

I hope you have a great week, eat clean and ENJOY!


Train your shoulders for a smaller waist?

Want a smaller waist?

… Train your Shoulders!

Think about this… how is weight training like a magic show?

Simple really, when it comes to aesthetics anyways; just like a skillful magician uses distractions to complete his illusions, you can develop “distracting” body parts to under emphasize others.

Hollywood has been doing this for years. But not to that extreme, I’m actually talking about developing your upper body, specifically shoulders and back, to get that V-Taper that will help define and literally “shrink” you waistline!


You see, at my studios I’m known as the “shoulder trainer” especially with all my male clients because they know how I LOVE to smoke their shoulders a few times per week. But there’s a genius to my madness. You see I know that if I can build, develop, and widen their upper back and shoulders (delts) that even if they don’t follow my nutrition instructions and continue to ignore my cardio workout advice, they will still get a smaller “looking” waist!

Check out Superman himself here, Henry Cavill. I have studied the entire program and nutrition program his trainer Mark Twight developed for him in all threes phases to get ready for this role. And in every phase, it was shoulder and back dominant to create size and create the illusion of a small waistline.

Check out Henry in “Man of Steel”:

henry cavill shirtless

This guys shoulder caps are HUGE! And you can even see his lats poking out from this front view. Or even better, you can still see Henry’s V Taper while wearing the famous Superman suit:


I can give you countless examples of how Hollywood uses this trick to make their action stars look amazing on film. But how about I just give you an example workout to do instead!

If you’re wanting to get beach body ready this year, start by developing a weekly training schedule to follow that will emphasize working your upper back and delts. Maybe something like this:

Monday: Back and Shoulders
Tuesday: Chest and Arms
Wednesday: HIIT Cardio and Abs
Thursday: Legs
Friday: Back and Shoulders
Saturday: HIIT Cardio and Abs
Sunday: Rest

And here’s a Back vs Shoulder workout you can try on:

1a. Seated Barbell Overhead Press: 3 x 20 reps
1b. Wide Grip Pullups: 3 x max reps

2a. Front Dumbbell Raises: 3 x 8 reps
2b. Lateral Dumbbell Raises: 3 x 8 reps

3a. Read Delt Dumbbell Flyes: 5 x 12, 10, 8, 6, 4
*NOTE: increase the weight each set
3b. Dumbbell shrugs: 5 x 12, 10, 8, 6, 4
*NOTE: increase the weight each set

4. Barbell Complex Finisher: 3 sets x 10 reps each exercise
a. Bent Over Barbell Row x 10 reps
b. Barbell Upright Row x 10 reps
c. Barbell Overhead Press x 10 reps
*Rest 30 – 60 sec between sets

Here’s me doing the complex as my finisher to my workout:

And that’s it!

Well almost, just as a reminder, to really get beach body ready you will need a complete program including a top notch meal plan, training regimen and fat blasting cardio workouts. Don’t rely solely on my magician tricks, but if you’ve got the other parts of your game down pretty tight, feel free to ad this into your current training program!

Think, Live and TRAIN Outside the Box,

Mikah’s Kitchen!

mikah and kiddos

“Mikah’s Kitchen! Let’s see what’s on the menu for the Watkins family this week!”

Ok, one week, post Mexico and I’m having post Mexico blues! Especially since we are stuck inside with freezing rain, sleet and snow- man, have our surroundings changed in seven days!

So, I have been putting together our menu for the week and I’m doing it a bit backwards since I made a mad dash to the store yesterday so I didn’t have to get out in this yucky weather. Bear with me, it’s a bit random, yet mainly clean eating!

Monday: Light bourbon chicken

Tuesday: White chicken chili

Wednesday: Ground Turkey Stuffed Bell Peppers

Thursday: leftover chicken chili

Friday: Buffalo lime chicken with spinach salad

Saturday: Spaghetti Squash and Tomato Sauce

Sunday: Steak Carnitas in the slow cooker

I hope everyone has a great week! ENJOY!