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Get More Out of Your Workouts With This One Thing…

The best way to get more out of your workouts is to set a time limit for yourself. Racing the clock forces you to work harder, faster, and more efficiently. Every second counts – no lolly gagging at the water fountain allowed. This is what Escalating Density Training (EDT) is all about: Pick a duration—you don’t need long—and get the best workout possible before the clock runs out. Get ready to take the concept of supersets
 to a whole new level. We’ll show you how to 
use EDT to sculpt a great upper body when you have time for nothing less.



Here’s how EDT works. first, set a time limit—in this case, 20 minutes. pick two different body parts you want to train that don’t compete with each other. for ex- ample, chest and back, or legs and shoulders. (A pairing like chest and shoulders would not work because they involve the same muscles and will fatigue you too fast.)


Choose an exercise for each body part and a weight that allows you 10–12 reps for each. begin alternating sets of the two moves, resting as little as possible between sets. Go a few reps short of failure on every set to preserve your strength.


Continue until 20 minutes is up. make note of the rest periods you took between sets and the total number of reps you performed. the next time you repeat the work- out, try to improve your performance without extending the time frame. the example to the right is an EDT superset for chest and back that uses the dumbbell bench press and seated cable row.


Optional pairings for effective EDT Workouts

● Barbell Curl + Close-grip Pushup

● Dumbbell Overhead Press + Lat Pulldown

● Barbell Romanian Deadlift + Leg Extension

● Front Squat + Pushup

● Leg Press + Pullup



● Escalating Density Training not only allows you to make the most of limited training times, but it may also boost the release of testosterone and growth hormone in the body. The two hormones are associated with muscle growth and fat burning.

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The #1 Problem with the Fitness Industry is _______.


Man, I’m glad to be back! I just spend the latter half of last week learning in San Diego with some of my fitness colleagues from across the US and Canada and man I am pumped up and on fire right now. Being around these guys and gals always reminds me of how important it is to ASSOCIATE yourself with the right people ya know… (but that’s an entirely different email… not today).


Today I want to talk about what I think the #1 problem with the fitness industry is these days. Well, let me rephrase that, this is like #1b because if you read my last email, you’ll know that the #1a problem is the trainers out there who will lie to you and sell you false promises just to get you to come into their gyms, but let’s stay focused here Watkins.


The #1(b) Problem with the fitness industry today is the fact that it is mainly built upon getting fit people fitter. It seems everything I see in gyms and in studios these days are people who are already in good shape training together and with a trainer to get even greater shape. It’s everywhere! I mean check out the latest Reebok, Under Armour and Nike commercials. They’ve all teamed up with training communities like Crossfit and all you see are people in amazing shape training with other incredibly good looking people to get in even better shape.


reebok crossfit ad


Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the fit getting fitter. You should never just settle when it comes to your health and performance, but what message does this send to the other one-third of the population?

It’s no wonder that the average “gym life” of the common man and woman lasts less than 3 months when it’s so intimidating and uncomfortable just to step foot in the place. There’s a reason why the fitness industry is growing by leaps and bounds year after year, yet our society is still getting fatter and more out of shape at the same rate year after year.


I mean, as big as the fitness industry is these days, why is that 68% of Americans are still considered overweight and obese.


overwieght graphic


As popular as fitness and training is these days, why is that more than 35% of adults are considered obese?


It’s because as an industry we’re not focusing our efforts to improve the sick, the unmotivated, the intimidated, the lost children when it comes to taking back their health. Instead we’re sending the message that we’ll help you take you from good to great. As a whole, the fitness industry is more interested in selling people in good shape an opportunity to be in amazingly great shape. And while this message may initially resonate with people who really need it, hell they may even raise their hand for help and look into a program or two out there, but as soon as they come in they feel pushed to the side and that the program that gave them the original motivation to make a change in their life is really for someone looking to out do everyone else in the group.

 judgemental hoe


Do you get what I’m saying?


The problem is not taking healthy people and making them healthier. The problem therein lies is that we’re not taking the time to address the real concerns of those who don’t even know where to start.
As a trainer, I’ll be 100% honest with you, it is fun to train people who are already in good shape because we can unleash on them and take them to new heights. But over my decade of training, I will also tell you that it is just as rewarding if not more so to help someone literally save themselves from despair simply by sticking to a program for longer than a month.


As a trainer, it is fun to help people reach new PR’s (personal records) every month. But is is just as rewarding or even more so to help someone learn how to squat properly without pain for the first time in their life too.


overweight push up


As a trainer, we have a duty to push people past their self perceived limitations both as it applies to getting the fit fitter, but let us not forget that we need to push those who need us most and more importantly hold them accountable to the promises they made to themselves when they first came into our studios.


I love my industry. I love training. I love working with people on their goals every day. But let’s keep in mind that the goals to “make it to the gym 3 days this week” are just as important as the goal to hit a new PR on deadlift.


We all started somewhere. I give props to everyone out there who is making it happen for themselves and push themselves past their limits every week. And I want those out there who are struggling to keep the dream alive, or who may have not even started the race yet to know that we got your back.




Greatness is in you. You just have to believe it too, and get in the game.


sherrie 4 years

Change the game,

Big Mike

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Are You Flying Left of Center?

I was asked an interesting question the other day by one of my mentors, he said:
“What happens to a plane that takes off just a foot left of center on the runway and never corrects it’s course?”
I didn’t get it at first. I mean, he’s just a foot off, that’s such a small margin, not sure where he was going with this question.
But it’s in the second part of the question wherein lies the problem… let’s break it down.
If a plane is picking up the speed down the run way and takes off a just a bit left (or right) of the center line, initially it’s not a big deal. However, when uncorrected in flight, if that same plane were to travel the next 10 hours on the exact off center line from which it took off, it would end up in a different country than the original flight plan, no?
How does this apply to your own life right now?
Are you flying just a bit off center in your own life right now?
When was the last time you broke your radio silence?
Do you need a co-pilot to help you bring you back on course?
You know, even those with great expectations can get off track from time to time. But it’s the ones who realize it and self correct who will be rewarded when they reach their destination. Awareness precedes change.
If it’s time to get back on track with your fitness and lifestyle goals, I’d like to have a conversation with you about that. No sales pitch. No pressure. No strings attached. Just a conversation to see where you’re flying and if that destination is where you really want to go.
In fact, we actually rolling out the next wave of our Challenge: 24 Program wherein you can literally train, surpass your goals in record time, and earn your entire investment back- no BS! I’ve been training for over a decade is this is by far the most complete, result producing programs we’ve ever launched. But, we only have 12 spots left in this new wave, so do yourself a favor and go check out
Watch the video of REAL clients and their REAL results… who knows, maybe next time we’re featuring you and your success story on our next video.
If you’re interested in this chat, be sure to check out and we’ll set up a time to connect. Til then…. fly straight!


They’re All Liars…

Can I be honest really quick… I mean COMPLETELY honest with you for a sec?

The fitness industry has been lying to people for years! It literally makes me sick when I see other trainers and coaches out there offering false hope just to get new clients.
You know what I’m talking about:
“21 days to a new you…”
“Brand new detox diet, guaranteed to help you lose weight…”
“Get summer shredded in a month…”
Heck, I just saw an ad on Facebook yesterday that was promising local women “serious, life changing results in only 28 days!” It even went on to say that their “amazing transformation” could be reached not just in 28 days, but only training 30 minutes, two times per week?
Are you kidding me?!
Break that down really quick… you’re going to experience “life changing results” training one (1) hour per week for 28 days… in other words you’re going to transform your physical being in only four (4)  hours per month?
The list goes on. I’m sure you’ve seen it and many more empty promises.
The truth is, while getting in shape and creating the body you desire takes hard work and dedication. It’s a process. It’s replacing years of bad behaviors with new, healthy habits. This takes time… way more than four (4) hours per month.
In my opinion, fitness or the act of getting fit is a game. It’s a lifelong game that must be taught, coached, and rode with day after day; week after week; year after year.
And in all reality, the game itself is really quite simple: Eat healthy (most of the time). Train smarter, not harder. Rest. Recover. Repeat. There is no real secret to getting amazing results. But quick fixes don’t work. It’s about building a solid foundation and sticking with it. And that comes when you have what we call the “Three A’s”:
Everything is all good and fun when it’s brand new. But what happens when you have an “off” day or an off “week?” What happens when life throws you a curve ball? You have to have someone or some people there to pinch hit for you occasionally. You need a coach and a team behind you that will be there to hold you ACCOUNTABLE to the goals you set and the promises you made yourself when it seems like it’s just too much. They are there to act as your biggest supporters when you’re successful as well as give you a reality check when you start slipping.
Next, you must have ACCESS to your coaches. With our programs you will have unlimited ACCESS to our coaches via email, call, text, desk dates, and our client only Facebook Page whenever you need them. We’re here to make sure this time you finally see life changing results and are ready to help you see it through til the end.
Finally, you will have an ASSOCIATION with the most motivating, caring, energetic, and empathetic group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Our FT Family is unlike any other “support group” I’ve ever been associated with. Our clients truly care about each other and want each other to achieve every goal they’ve set for themselves both inside and outside of the studio. It truly is a family and we guard it to know end.
This is what I’m offering you today. A chance to finally see real, relevant results from all your hard work. We’ll be there to coach you. We’ll provide you pertinent-to-you nutritional guidance, not just the latest meal plan and  grocery list, but relevant information on how you can eat healthy based on your likes and needs. We’ll give you all the tools to be successful, but it’s up to you choose to do the work. It won’t be easy, nothing worth anything ever is, but with the Three A’s, I know that failure is not an option.
In fact, I’m so confident in our our program, that unlike many trainers out there promising lies and unfulfilled guarantees, I’m putting my money where my mouth is. with our FT Challenge: 24 Program.
Now, before you say, “Michael, this is 6 week challenge, is that not promising a quick fix too?”
Absolutely not! Simply to say, unlike the trainer I spoke of earlier promising endless results with training four (4) hours per month… I still can’t believe that crap… you’ll be hitting three (3) hours of in-studio coaching per week, as well be given homework recovery exercises to do at home your days away from the studio. And that’s just the “training” part of this program. There’s a lot more to it I promise you that!
Furthermore, I’m not promising that you are guaranteed to drop 24 pounds in 6 weeks. Everyone is different. But what I am promising you is that this program is very effective at getting sustainable results. Compiled with the Three A’s our studios are built on, this program is also just what many need to get over the hump in their personal weight loss journey.
Case in point, many of our clients who start out on this six week program not only lose 24 pounds, but now that we have helped them build the foundation, they go on to lose 30 more pounds, 50 more pounds… hell, even 153 pounds over time. And when they do hit their goals, they are handsomely rewarded for it!
The premise behind the FT Challenge: 24 is simple. You do the work. You see the results. You get your entire investment back! No strings attached. Think of it this way, an investment needs to produce dividends, no? That’s exactly what this does. You invest in yourself. You believe in yourself. You do the work, you get the results, you get paid. The moguls on Wall Street don’t even have an investment opportunity as good as this one, right?!
But you must choose to accept the challenge.
You must choose to do the work.
Are you ready to be our next Challenge: 24 success story?
You can read the details behind our Challenge: 24
You will be successful. The choice is yours.
Have a great week!
– Michael

14 Things To Do In Tulsa This Month…

You hear it all the time…

“There’s nothing to do in this town?” Am I right? It doesn’t matter what town or city you live in, we as a people tend to get ‘bored’ really easily and stuck in limited mindset way of thinking. But truth be told there are literally hundreds of events and activities going on every week just outside your door, no matter where you call home.


Me, I call home TULSA, so I put together a quick list for you of 14 Things To Do In Tulsa This Month!

I challenge you to check out what this great city has to offer this month and then tell me there was really “nothing” to do… Enjoy!


  • Celebrity Attractions Presents: Camelot
    • TPAC
    • March 3 – March 8
    • The legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table sing their way through a tale of passion, betrayal and chivalry in “Camelot.” Celebrity Attractions brings this Tony Award winning musical from Broadway to the stage at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. Hear the king himself, Guinevere and Lancelot perform songs including ‘If Ever I Would Leave You,” “The Simple Joys of Maidenhood” and more during this limited engagement.
    • More information available at:


  • FT’s Saturday Sweat Challenge Workouts
    • Fitness Together Jenks/Riverside (97th & Riverside)
    • Every Saturday
    • Join a fun group of motivated people ready to start their weekends with a challenging workout every Saturday morning starting at 8:00 am at Fitness Together on Riverside. These are full body workouts that are guaranteed to help you take your fitness to the next level. All sessions are coached by Tulsa’s top team of fitness professionals. All levels of fitness are welcomed from the novice beginner to the elite athlete. There’s no better way to challenge yourself mentally and physically! Time to get your Saturday Sweat on!
    • More information available at: or call 918-392-0540 to reserve your spot (limited availability)- First sessions is always FREE!

  • Monster Jam
  • BOK Center
  • March 7 – March 8
  • Head to Monster Jam in Tulsa for two days of rip-roaring fun at the BOK Center. Monster Jam is an incredible family-friendly experience starring the biggest performers on four wheels. These 12 ft. tall, 10,000-pound machines will bring you to the edge of your seat as you watch them racing through a custom-designed track full of obstacles.
  • More information available at:


  • Tulsa Greater Home and Garden Show
    • Tulsa Expo Square (River Spirit Expo)
    • March 12 – March 15
    • Find everything you need for your home and garden including useful tips and new products at the Greater Tulsa Home & Garden Show at Tulsa’s Expo Square. With over 500 exhibitors, you’ll want to spend more than one day looking through everything vendors have to offer. Roam through the How-To Stage and learn about home improvement projects you can take on yourself and explore the gardens exhibit with a dozen outdoor landscapers on site.
    • More information available at:


  • Tulsa Oilers Hockey 
    • BOK Center
    • See Schedule
    • Watch a fast-paced hockey action on the ice as two teams compete for control of the puck. Enjoy a snack and a cold beer while cheering on the team as they fire shots and block goals. Come out to support the Tulsa Oilers.
    • More information available at:

taf walk

  • Second Saturday Walking Tour
    • Downtown Tulsa (meet inside historic Mayo Hotel)
    • March 14
    • Take a fun and educational walking tour through downtown Tulsa the second Saturday of each month with the Tulsa Foundation for Architecture. The Second Saturday Walking tour is a one-hour tour that gives an insightful look into the exciting architecture that abounds in downtown Tulsa. Key in on some of the highlights of Tulsa’s prestigious architectural collection and learn something new about the buildings around you. The tours are conducted the second Saturday of every month and depart from the Topeca Coffee shop inside the historic Mayo Hotel in downtown Tulsa.
    • More information available at:



  • YogaLean.
    • Fitness Together- 97th and Riverside
    • Saturdays staring at 9 am
    • YogaLean was developed to lose weight naturally using yoga principles. You will learn to develop lean consciousness from the inside out. This is an exciting workout that features two segments – energizing to stimulate fat burn and metabolism. Then a relaxing segment to lower cortisol levels and activate the relaxation response. Benefits include: weight loss, feeling good inside and outside the body, increased strength and energy, improved mental functioning and lower stress levels.
    • More information available at:


  • Sesame Street Live: Let’s Dance
    • BOK Center
    • March 27 – March 29
    • Head to the BOK Center in Tulsa to see Sesame Street Live: Let’s Dance. This show invites children of all ages to get up and get moving with Sesame Street favorites like Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster and Ernie. Each Broadway-quality show features catchy tunes and important lessons. This show will be held at the BOK Center in downtown Tulsa, which is conveniently located near other attractions, restaurants and lodging.
    • More information available at:


  • Tulsa Ballet presents: The Three Musketeers
    • TPAC
    • March 27 – March 29
    • For the first time in over a decade, the tale of Alexander Dumas’s beloved Three Musketeers is brought to life at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center by the Tulsa Ballet. The swashbuckling stories featuring Athos, Aramis, Porthos and d’Artagnan will have you sitting on the edge of your seat and in amazement of this production’s beauty.
    • More information available at:

Tulsa THB Blue LogoTrans

  • Green Country’s Midsouth Tackle Hunting and Boat Show
    • Tulsa Expo Square
    • March 27 – March 29
    • Green Country’s Midsouth Tackle & Hunting Show will feature hundreds of vendors presenting the latest merchandise and technologies in outdoor sports with special hunting and fishing demonstrations by pro fishermen and hunters. This expo will feature fishing seminars, dog training, catfish noodling, a rattlesnake show, a fishing pond for children and great food.Come to this Tulsa event and spend the day browsing through booths filled with retail hunting and fishing supplies, camping gear, lures and boating accessories. Peruse new boats, RVs or ATVs on display and talk to local lake associations, outfitters and fishing clubs to find new fishing hot spots.In 2015, celebrities Jep and Jessica Robertson from the hit TV show Duck Dynasty will make a special appearance at the Green Country’s Midsouth Tackle & Hunting Show. Get your ticket for the meet and greet session for your chance to snap a picture.
    • More information available at:


  • Food Truck Wednesday
    • Guthrie Green
    • Every Wednesday
    • Chow down at Guthrie Green every Wednesday for lunch!  Live music, amazing food trucks, and fresh air – what could be better??  Join us every week between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm for a break from the office or a fun outing with the kids!
    • More information available at:



Get out and discover Tulsa!

Michael Watkins


PS. Consider this your formal invitation to come check us out at Fitness Together EVERY Saturday at 8 am for our Saturday Sweat Challenge Workouts! All levels of fitness are invited! Come get your sweat on… Or, if you’re not quite ready for a challenge workout but would like to learn more about our unconventional way of training and nutrition coaching, schedule yourself a no strings attached strategy session by completing THIS FORM.