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Save 50% OFF on December’s FT Academy- 21 Day Personal Training Program!

Are you stuck?

Are you ready to beat the typical holiday weight gain this year?

Or perhaps, even lose a few pounds this holiday season?

It’s true what they say that the average person will gain upwards of 8 pounds over the next 4 weeks… but you don’t have to?

Our FT Training Academy is our introductory personal training program at Fitness Together where you get:

  • 21 Days of Unlimited Small Group Personal Training
  • 21 Day meal plan, grocery list and recipe book
  • Unlimited online coaching
  • Access and Accountability through your own FT Academy Facebook page
  • Daily Tips and Fitness Secrets to help you battle the “holiday”bulge
  • and more…

I know what you’re thinking… “Michael, this is crap… 21 days isn’t enough time…”

But don’t take my word for it… Here are client testimonials from our last FT Academy class:

“My initial reason for doing the 21 Day Challenge was to lose weight… and I did that losing 5.5 pounds! But upon completion of the Challenge I have found that I have more energy, more motivation to complete tasks throughout the day, as well as an improvement with my endurance in the gym.” – Charm (Tulsa, OK)

“The 21 day program at Fitness Together was challenging, yet effective. During the 21 days I noticed my energy level & focus increase. I have always struggled with insomnia, but I had no sleep issues during the program. The program helped me tone up by dropping 6% body fat and 5.5 pounds and I can already see small changes to my body.” – Dream (Tulsa, OK)

“Training at FT was fun! You can do anything for 45 minutes. It was a welcoming atmosphere, and it was easy to make fast friends. I followed the meal plan about 80% (adjusted for allergies), and went three times per week, MWF.  I remember what it’s like to work out again, and it was a nice jump start into the holiday season by reminding me what my body can do.” – Hillary (Tulsa, OK)

These are just a few of the AMAZING testimonials we got last month.

And the best part is, FT Training Academy was the first time all of these people ever stepped foot into our studio!

This program is built for new trainees, or people who have been out of the game for while now and are needing a fully customized program as a jump start to getting back on the fitness track in his or her life.

You will get results!

You will learn how to sustain the results past the original 21 days!

You will build a new healthy lifestyle!

You will meet new, encouraging friends who are this journey with you and want you see you succeed just as bad (if not more) than they want to succeed themselves!

And until Cyber Monday you can get all this for HALF OFF the normal price!

Yes! For BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY, we’re offering out exclusive FT Training Academy (normally $97) for only $47!

PLUS- enrolling in December’s FT Training Academy will also get you even more amazing deals following your 21 day training program.

The December Class has 5 more seats in it and I’m sure at this rate they’ll go fast!

How do you get your $47 Academy seat?


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Black Friday


Upon receiving your registration, I’ll get in touch with you ASAP so you’re ready to hit the ground running come Monday December 5th when the Academy starts.

Your take away from this message is simple:

  • 21 Day FT Training Academy to annihilate the holiday weight gain.
  • HALF OFF December Enrollment
  • 5 seats left…