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Chronicles of Narnia, Microwaves, Kim Kardashian, and Fresh Fruit?

Well, it’s Monday… and after a long weekend, plus the gloomy/foggy start to today, it’s a straight up weird, Negan from TWD kinda Monday.

But regardless, here we are.

So check this out…

My way too beautiful bride, Mikah had to leave town this past weekend, leaving me with the two crazy kiddos to ourselves.

We did it up right I must say…

All three “Chronicles of Narnia” movies…

A little Sooner Bedlam Victory!

Ice cream for dinner- yep!

And between all the playing, watching movies, eating, and more playing, I took a moment or two to catch up on my fit magazine articles.

And to be completely honest, it kinda pissed me off!

Why?.. simply because I had trouble finding any article or pertinent information in the abudance of magazines I was perusing that was even closely relevant information (or useful tips) that would benefit anyone over 25… who was working full time… and raising a family… etc…. you get the picture.

Not that the information provided wasn’t correct, or even useful to some… I just didn’t find it practical! And I’m a fitpro!

So, as I’m reading the articles, I’m now taking notes and I decided to throw out some of the things that stood out to me that were either incorrect by my standards or were just not practical for a normal, working adult to follow.

And not only that, it would also be an article about something that
really works. Something that’s TRUE. Because if you ask me, not all
the stuff you hear today is necessarily true…

There are so many myths out there nowadays, it can be hard to stay
focused on what works.

That’s why, in the meantime until we get on the news, I want to
send you some ‘wrong stuff’ about working out & nutrition that I
often hear about…

-> Microwaves <-
They don’t cause your food to have less nutrients. It’s actually
the heat and the amount of time you’re cooking that affect nutrient
losses, not the cooking method.



-> Kim Kardashian <-
She did NOT get that butt by wearing Skecher Shape-ups. She got it
from… I don’t know actually.


-> Fresh fruit <–
Is no better than dried fruit. Except for vitamin C, dried fruit
contains just as many nutrients and sugar for energy as fresh fruit.


-> Fast food salads <–
Are not always better than ‘regular’ fast food. If you use the
dressing, McDonalds Southwestern crispy chicken salads will have
300 more calories than a Big Mac.



-> Fat-free products <–
Often means that you’ll get way more sugar. As an example, low-fat
peanut butter will save you 10 calories per serving… but to make up
for it the food companies will use maltodextrin, which is a sugary


Fat free grunge rubber stamp on white, vector illustration

-> Cravings <–
Do not mean that we are ‘lacking’ something in our body. Cravings
are simply emotional. We crave certain foods because of the
memories and emotions relating to that food in our lives.




So there you have it, some bad myths busted so you KNOW what to
believe 🙂 Hope you got something out of it!

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