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Fight For Fitness

Since the last half of 2015, I have submerged myself into boxing.

I love the intensity of the workouts.

I love the atmosphere of real boxing gym.

I love the camaraderie between fighters and just the regular “joes” there to workout.

And, believe it or not, even with the smallest of experience, I love the fight.

Boxing to me represents a true crossover on how the mind and body are so intertwined when it comes to a true intense, high volume workout. As we all know, our minds will be the first thing to quit when we push our body to the extreme. It is in that very moment when you have a choice:

  1. continue to fight… continue to push by silencing those thoughts that don’t serve you
  2. shut it down and quit.

It’s that very instant that I believe and what you choose to do that will carry over into your life outside of the gym.

Now, I know many people out there, maybe even you, are interested in adding boxing into your fitness regimen.


And from my experience, the best way to add in these high intensity, fat destroying sessions would be to find a gym or ask your trainer to start working them into your sessions. This way you don’t risk injury.

But the next best way is to simply buy a heavy bag, hang it up, and go to work.

For those ready to hang up the bag in their garage, one of my boxing coaches John Florence and I put together a quick, high intensity, round by round, heavy bag workout for you…

Ready?… DING, DING, DING… let’s GO!




The set up: first thing you’ll need to do is WRAP YOUR HANDS. Yes, even though you’re not entering the ring, you will still need to protect your hands and wrists by investing in some hand wraps. You can get them at any local sporting goods store, or online at Amazon or Title Boxing Equipment or Everlast to name a few. Once you’ve secured your hand wraps, check out this quick video on how to properly wrap them up:


Ok, now, the only other piece of equipment you’ll need (besides the heavy bag, hand wraps, and gloves) is a good jump rope. This, in my opinion, is an often overlooked, yet crucial piece of equipment when it comes to boxing. Why? Simple. Not only does it give you a great cardiovascular workout, but it greatly improves your hand/eye/foot coordination, strengthens your lower legs and shoulders, and is a great warm up tool which is exactly what we’ll use it for.


Set your timer up for 5 x 3 minute rounds with 1 minute rest between rounds

Note: the original 20 minute workout has only 1 round of jumping rope, for a longer workout, add in 1-2 additional rounds of jumping rope at the beginning of the workout.

Warm Up: Jump Rope x 3 minutes. Rest 60 seconds (NOTE: use the 60 sec to put on your gloves)


Round #1: To get things started in Round #1 you want to focus on moving in and out around the bag and working your lead punch aka “the jab.” Don’t get bothered down with power or total punches this round. Instead, focus on moving your feet and working the jab.



Round #2: Continue moving freely around the bag, but now we’re adding in our 1-2 combos or straight punches. “Straights” include jabs and right or left crosses. Commonly known as “1-2.” Work these straights from different angles around the bag and change it up by leading with each arm.


Round #3: This round is all about volume. Building on your 1-2 straight combos from Round #2, start allowing your punch creativity to flow with crosses, uppercuts, and hooks all while still bouncing on your toes and moving freely around the bag. Again, this entire 3 minute round is all about volume and movement. Try to throw as many punches as you can while continuing to move in and out around the bag.


Round #4: Now it’s time to break things. Round #4 is all about POWER. In this round, unlike Round #3, you want to focus on hitting the bag hard and heavy. It doesn’t have to be pretty. Just use your legs and punch with bad intentions. Don’t worry about total volume in Round #4. You’re here to destroy this round!



Check out Coach John demonstrating the above workout round by round:


And that’s it!

Cool down, get a drink, you earned it Rocky!

That’s a high intensity 20 minute workout that will have you destroying calories and fighting off fat just in time for summer


Michael Watkins


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