You Can't Out Train a Bad Diet... And Now You Don't Have To!

Join Our 8-week Nutrition Coaching Program Today & Master the Skills to Make Healthy Eating a Lifestyle.

The Fitness Together 8-Week Nutrition Coaching Program is designed to cut through the confusion of "eating right", develop a plan tailored to fit your body and get results, and teach you the skills necessary to make it part of your every day routine. 

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4 Cycle Nutrition Program:  Like every other part of training, variety is necessary. Learn the phases of establishing a solid nutrition program that "resets" your body, increases metabolism, and establishes a good foundation to build upon.  

  • Cycle 1: Carb Depletion 
  • Cycle 2: Macro Patterning
  • Cycle 3: Accelerated Fat Loss
  • Cycle 4: The Diet Break

Recipe Book: Get equipped with easy, healthy,  and delicious recipes that make eating right a cinch. 

Nutrition Log: Learn the how and why behind logging your meals. Simply being aware of what you eat, when, and the amount will make a difference!

Exercise Recommendations: While this is a nutrition only program, our expert coaching staff will provide workout recommendations to help you maximize your healthy lifestyle changes. 

Private Facebook Group: Accountability, Support, and Tips extend beyond the nutrition program. Find extra help from your peers and our staff in our online support group. 

Daily Accountability: Most people don't struggle with eating right because they don't know how or can't get access to healthy recipes. They struggle because change is difficult. Having our team to hold you accountable keeps you on track for success.

Daily Motivation: The Fitness Together family has created a culture that breeds excitement, teamwork, and inspiration. Expect your coaches and peers to help keep you motivated every step of the way!

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Current Results on this Program Include: 

CB lost 10lbs in the first week!

Sherrie lose 12lbs in the first week!

Shannon lost 11lbs in the first week!

Manny lost 10lbs in the first week!

And all are still losing into weeks 2, 3, and 4!!

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