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Success Stories


“It’s been about 8 months since I joined Fitness Together-Downtown and I can’t believe how much my body has changed! I’m still about 30 lbs from my goal but so proud of my hard work and what I’ve accomplished so far. My abs are trying to come out and I can’t wait until they do because even in my skinny days I’ve NEVER had abs that show! I’m just so thankful for Michael, the other trainers, and the rest of my FT family who keep me going. Best decision I ever made”
-Charla C (Tulsa, OK)

“I am someone that has worked out a lot in the last 30 years. Starting as a teenager until my 40’s, I have worked out via running, lifting, sports, etc… I was consistently doing something all the time, however, over time I slowly lost the results that I wanted to obtain. I went to Fitness Together (FT) for a one-time, let’s see what this is visit. Within a week, I was hooked. The workouts were totally different than any I had done and the results were noticeable every day. Whereas, working on my own, I was able to do the exercises that I wanted to do, as well as the same ones that I always did, at FT I have never done the same workout twice. Going to the gym and not knowing what to expect has added to the challenge. The change in workouts increases the results of the training and my goal to lose weight, get stronger and change my physical appearance. All of these have happened in less than 60 days. I am a working professional, and time has a value to me. The FT workouts are not designed to keep you in the gym for hours upon hours to seize results. We get in the gym and get to work. We utilize short amounts of time, but are able to achieve unbelievable results. I could still go to my old workouts and save some money, but would take much more time and not receive same results. On my off days from FT, I have gone to the gym on my own and tried to do the same workouts. This has proven to be difficult to do. Sure, the equipment is there, but something is different about pushing yourself with a coach. On my own, the number of reps is less, then heart rate isn’t as high, and results are not in line with FT. I am not a person who enjoys the “screaming coach” workout techniques. Tell me what to do, how to do it, and what is next. This fits my personality perfectly. However, having FT coach does push me without the yelling, as I feel accountable to FT to push myself. Having my set appointments also means that I never say “I’ll do it tonight or tomorrow, as too much else to do right now”. I have standing appointments which means that I will be there and if I cancel appointment, I am not just hurting myself but also hurting my coach who is setting time aside for me and who is paid to get me into the gym. Ultimately, we all go to the gym to be healthier and to look and feel better. I have had countless people ask me how much weight I have lost (less than five actual pounds on the scale). However, my body shape and fitness is noticeably different. I have lost inches on my waist and added muscle mass. I can’t recommend FT enough (ask all the people I have preached to about it!).”

-CB Rowan (Tulsa, OK)

“I was scared. I knew I was going to get worked very hard… and that happened but it became addicting! I have a great trainer who is very specific to me and I would definitely recommend this to everyone!” -Rebecca Gard, Tulsa

“Initially, I wasn’t sure if I was the client FT was looking for. But after the consultation, I signed up for a 3 month membership and within the first month of training, I upgraded to a year’s membership! The results after only one month far exceeded my expectations! I would recommend this to anyone!” -Kathy Hammock, Tulsa


“I owe a lot to fitness together Riverside and the downtown location and especially to Michael Watkins and Keith Jacobs. I have been a customer for 2+ years and have been very pleased with all the results they helped me obtain. They have always been encouraging, motivating and sincere with every training session and phone call I’ve had with them. Michael and Keith have always made me feel like their only customer and that is very rare in the personal training world. They have helped me follow a new style of eating, but more importantly they have taken the time to helped me understand the reasoning behind a more healthy life style ( again very rare). I have recommended Michael and Keith to all my friends and family and will continue to do the same moving forward. I know every person that follows their workout and eating regime has had and will have the great results. Keep impacting people in your selfless customer focused ways.”

-Mike Condry (Broken Arrow, OK)


“I’ve lost 53 pounds in 8 months! It’s been incredible working with these guys. I would recommend FT to anyone who, like me, may be a little self conscious at first. Because you’re able to fail in private until you’re able to win! And that’s what I love about FT!” -Clarence Fisher, Broken Arrow

“Like most people, I had tried basically every fad diet and knew that I needed help from someone who knew what they were doing. I saw instant results! But besides losing over 100 lbs I’ve also benefited from sleeping better; I’ve overcome depression; I’ve become more positive and enthusiastic. It’s now part of my life!” -Sherrie Bullock, Sands Springs

Sherrie’s Lost Over 100 lbs!

“I go to the downtown location. I typically go during my lunch for a group training session and come back during the evening after work for a personal training session or a group run. The studio is clean, the showers are spotless, and there are water bottles and healthy snacks for you to grab when you are on the run. What is exceptional and different about Fitness Together is that when you step in to the studio you become part of a group where everyone from Michael and his staff to other members encourage you to do your best. It is like a family! Michael and his staff create a very positive and enjoyable atmosphere where it does not matter if you are extremely out of shape & overweight (like me) or have been going for 3 years. Everyone has tools which make them successful. Michael and his trainers are EXTREMELY good working with the tools that YOU have to get you the great results that you want. Whether masterfully modifying a workout to make the workout a little easier if you are having a tough day or pushing you one more rep -You may not know you have, Michael and his staff do a great job of focusing on you to get results. Getting results is not only about working out but nutrition. Michael works with your lifestyle and your schedule to get you great results. I just lost 23lbs in just under a month after joining the gym. While results are based on your efforts, the positive atmosphere and family like feeling of the gym makes getting results fun and enjoyable I would strongly recommend you call Michael if you want to lose a lot of weight or stay in shape.”

-Greg Kichler (Tulsa, OK)


“Despite a few physical limitations, the program that FT tailored for me has been right on the money! Now we’re on to a new program to help me reach the next level of physical fitness that I want. And it’s just been a fantastic experience!” -John Hammock, Tulsa

“My body is sculpting itself, my clothes are fitting better, I’m feeling better and; even though I train at the crack of dawn; it’s OK! What really put the nail on the head for me was my children who have been over seas for 2 years came home and said, ‘Mom- you look so much different! You look great!'” -Angela Flemming, Tulsa


“I have been going here 3 days a week since about June 2013 and have had great results. The trainers are always giving tips and and instructing how to attempt the lift properly and not allowing more weight than we can do with correct form. The trainers also will show you ways to modify the exercise if you have issues with a certain part of your body (shoulder, knees or back). The “pack” training is what I like the best, it’s always the same guys, so you form a good friendship along with other people making you accountable for a very affordable price. So far I am down about 2 inches in the gut and have improved overall strength and better endurance. This also one of the cleanest and most organized places I have seen. Do yourself a favor and check it out!”

-Michael Dunham (Jenks, OK)

“What I found out after training at FT is not just how much more productive I am physically, but mentally as well. The trainers here are very motivated, they’re very fit and most importantly they’re very knowledgeable.” -Allan Trimble, Jenks

Coach Trimble Lost 40 lbs!


“I started exercising with a friend at the downtown location as a guest but after just a few sessions I signed up. They knew that I had never worked out before and were great about showing me in detail how to do each exercise. I have recommended them to several people and now have many friends and coworkers that go there every week.”

-Jason Bailey (Tulsa, OK)



“At my last assessment, I had been working out for right at 4 months and I had lost overall 22 inches… That’s almost two feet! I mean, how can you complain about that? And how can you not feel so much better when you’re not carrying that around? It’s amazing to see and feel how your body changes!” -James Bowen, Tulsa

“When I first started, my push up total was real low, around 20 or so. And even in high school and college the most I could ever bench press was about 150 lbs. Now, I’m up to 270 lbs on bench press and can around 70-something push ups!” -Jim Loyd, Tulsa

Jim Got Huge!


“I chose Fitness Together because I can’t get the job done going to a gym by myself, I worked out with all trainers at both locations. I enjoy the group workouts and the brotherhood if you will in the mornings. Fitness Together has been an awesome experience so far, and I look forward to making more progress towards my goals and becoming a healthier person!!! This place is LEGIT!!”

-Steve Despain (Glenpool, OK)


“Our 15 year old son saw us. And he looks at Jim from time to time, but they were really looking at my arms lately and he said, ‘you know Mom, I think FT has really worked for you and Dad.’ And I was like- YES! To get that from a teenager, that he even noticed, made me feel so good!” -Jim and Marsha Steyer, Bixby

“I got so tired of just talking about getting in shape. And I knew that I needed to join somewhere and work with someone who would hold me accountable.” -Claudia Sanders, Tulsa

“They immediately helped me out with my nutrition and actually helped me work on areas that I had no idea I was weak in. My life has completely turned upside down. I now have the energy to do things I used to and I finally feel like the athlete I used to be!” -Renee Young, Tulsa


“They have shown me that I can do things that I didn’t think I could do! And they will encourage you to go and to push yourself to that next level.” -Carolyn Kusler, Broken Arrow

“We go to the lake in the summer with my children and their families and in the past I couldn’t even get out of the water to get into the boat… I was just too weak all over. Now when we go, I just hop right in! And I know it’s all because of FT.” -Cheryl McCord, Jenks

“You know, when I first started training, it would take Tina and the trainer both to help get me off of the floor. Now, I can get up on my own!” -Vicki Roland, Tulsa

Maria lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks. But didn’t stop there! She pulled off another 10 pounds over the following month too! That’s 30 pounds in 2 months!


Chris decided he was sick of being “skinny fat” and wanted to do something about it. So, he went ahead and lost over 15% body fat and instead of showing off a beer belly at the lake, he went ahead showed off this new, chiseled chest! Oh, and Chris did this being well into his 40’s!

Rebecca is finally able to do things she NEVER thought possible. She competes in 5K races as well as adventure races like the Warrior Dash too! Going from just career woman to athlete/career woman! Get it girl!

The original poster boy of FT! Brad lost over 150 pounds in 15 months! And he did the right way with clean eating, hard workouts and never losing sight of his goals!

Cheree is becoming the woman she always knew she could be. She’s more fit, more confident and is truly loving life. Just look at those guns!



“I like how the guys motivate you while your in the workout. It helps me push more to get the most out of the workouts. Everything about the gym is first class.” – Jay B. (Tulsa, OK)


“I like the convenient location, class times, and accountability to reach my fitness goals. It’s also a more enjoyable experience with the positive attitudes of the staff and fellow members!” – Jared C. (Tulsa, OK)


“Having a trainer helps immensely! No more walking through a mediocre workout at the gym. Every workout is a hard core but kicking, and that’s what i need!” -Casey P. (Bixby, OK)


“Friendly staff and great members. I always get a great workout!” -Amy H. (Broken Arrow, OK)



“The downtown location is a private, comfortable, and clean atmosphere. This is not the typical gym experience. I like that there is an emphasis on setting achievable lifestyle changes that can improve my overall quality of life.” – Amber C. (Tulsa, OK)


“The professional and knowledgable staff made me feel welcome and at home. They were motivating, but not overbearing. I enjoyed my workout and am looking forward to the next one.” -Curtis S. (Broken Arrow, OK)


“They really took time to listen to my concerns and how and why I am feeling the way I am. My history and what brought me to the current position I am in and how we can rectify it.”- Kelly P. (Tulsa, OK)


“Exercises are geared to individual needs and modifications are always made available for those of us with bad hips, knees, shoulders, etc. What impresses me most, is that the trainers are very kind and NEVER openly laugh at us during our sessions… and some of our attempts are pretty funny looking ;-)” -Jody B. (Tulsa, OK)


“Discreet, private setting where the workout is tailored to your current abilities with a longer term improvement plan. Friendly, knowledgeable, professional people.” -Charles S. (Sands Springs, OK)


“Custom modeling to each client, flexibility, timely. A great workout.” -Abe R. (Tulsa, OK)


“I like the group sessions. I also like that you work us hard but it goes by quickly.” -Andrea R. (Broken Arrow, OK)


“It’s a fun atmosphere to work out in, people are friendly, I am really sore after every workout. I know it’s working for me!” -Tim M (Tulsa, OK)


“I really enjoy doing a new workout each time I come in. The trainers are very encouraging and always ensure that I am doing each exercise correctly. In my short time training at FT I have already noticed results and look forward to continuing to meet my goals.” -Addie V (Broken Arrow, OK)